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It Start's Now Bitches!

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Latest Episode

Ditchgiving vs Thanksgiving, we get to the bottom of this heated debate. Stand up comedian Chris DeStefano plays the Blue Oyster Lounge as well as Rival Sons singing that hitter "Memphis Sun".

   The Show

Funny takes on everyday life with different characters dropping by. What makes this comedy podcast stand out from the rest is we feature a new breakthrough musician/band and an up and coming comedian doing a set in our Blue Oyster Lounge every episode.

We record Saturday nights @ 9:00 (CST) if you'd like to call in to the hotline at (213)347-5003 and join the show, or you can leave a voice message for a debate this topic, Pink it or Stink it submission, relationship advice or anything that's on your mind.




Brett "Bdub"

Les "Dboy"

Josh "Koolade"

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