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Latest Episode

We welcome back Teddy Swims to the Blue Oyster Lounge singing that hitter "Simple Things". Koolade and Maria are running late to start the show. The boys talk about Brett's rape garage. And finish off with a "How many can you" segment. This episode was brought to you by Natural Light.

   The Show

3 comedic best friends talking shit and busting balls. We tell outrageous stories and the typical episode has Les running late and becoming the victim of abuse from Brett and Koolade.  We record Saturday nights @ 9:30 (CST) if you'd like to call in to the hotline and join the show. Don't be surprised while listening if you hear " On to Better Things or Pointing Fingers with Les" those are the shows within the show.  We finish every show with tuck-ins. This is a raw, unfiltered segmented comedy podcast with musical guest performing in the Blue Oyster Lounge at the end of each episode.  Stay tuned after the artist in the Blue Oyster Lounge for the bonus segment we call the end cookie.  Welcome to the show fucks!



Brett "Bdub"

Les "Dboy"

Josh "Koolade"